John and Photo

Here’s a look at the cluttered corner of Buzzy’s Country Store that I call my office.  (When I first set this up several years back, my cousin Lorraine Teefey told me “J.Scott, that laptop computer just doesn’t look right here in Buzzy’s.”)   

I’m showing you this as a way of introducing the behind-the-scenes story on the John Lennon photo that you see here lording over my messy office scene.  The original photo was taken by rock photographer Bob Gruen and was one of several that Bob took of John that day in 1974 (click here.)  For Bob’s website (click here.)


Even though I have this copy of the “iconic” image of John, I think that I prefer the photo(s) that Gruen took of him wearing the blue jean jacket. It covers up the New York City reference and maybe that’s the point.  

Obviously, I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a better shot because someone decided to use it on the cover for this 2010 album containing John’s hits.  That that someone may have been Yoko gives me a little pause that she and I are in agreement on something.  Maybe she’s not quite the d-bag I think she is.

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