Breaking Wind and Fracking Gas

As a follow up to my post yesterday on Rick Swann’s bird photography, I came upon on two articles that discuss the wind turbine project being planned for Somerset County. 

The turbine issue is controversial because the Navy has concerns about  the turbines’ impacts on its test operations.  However, turns out that the Audubon Society folks are also concerned about the turbines because of the potential danger to the bird population.  Cool that the Navy and the Audubon boys are together on something.


The second article I saw was in the Washington Post discussing not only the wind turbines but also the Cove Point gas drilling initiative proposed in Calvert County.  Ironic that both of these issues are right here in our back (or maybe that should read our front) yards.

On both issues, I find that my opinion skews to the “I-feel-strongly-both-ways” bi-polar camp.  While not a big tree hugger, I do believe there’s something to the whole global warming thing and that we need to be smarter in what are we doing environment-wise.  But, since I’m always looking for a “compromised solution” (thank you Mick) seems like some sort of accommodation could be worked out on both these issues that makes sense.  (E.g. approve the wind turbines but shut them down when the Navy’s testing.) 

Here then for you is a Conan O’Brien global warming joke that probably didn’t amuse Gov. Christie much:  “Yesterday, a group of scientists warned that because of global warming, sea levels will rise so much that parts of New Jersey will be under water. The bad news? Parts of New Jersey won’t be under water.”

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