Renaldo and the Witchdoctor

From 7M Sports

World Cup, USA plays Portugal tonite.  However, Portugal may be playing without its star player Christiano Renaldo who injured his leg in a practice session leading up to the start of the World Cup.  Turns out that a Ghana witch doctor predicted this before the Cup began.  (click here.) 

For Video (click here)

It is a good thing the witchdoctor was so worried about Renaldo.  With the doc’s attentions elsewhere, he and Ghana did not anticipate the US beating them in the first round.  Guess in the soccer world that that is a sign of respect which the USA needs to work its way up to – when the witchdoctor starts putting a hex on you.  Not being too flippant about this however, because the USA’s number one striker will also be sitting out with an injury (click here.)  Who the hell is this witchdoctor anyway?

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