Connubial Bli$$

Many years ago I  was eating in a restaurant in New York when the waitress asked me where I was from.  After I told her “Maryland” she replied “I got married in Elkton, Maryland.” I was surprised and asked her why she got married in  Maryland and she said “Didn’t everyone get married in Maryland?”  (Maryland at one time did not require any waiting period to get married and Elkton became known as the Quickie Wedding Capital of the East Coast (click here.)

In many ways that tradition continues today as hosting weddings in the County has become quite a big deal.  There are over a dozen venues available for weddings and several of them are right here in South County (click here.)  Weddings have become a nice little “industry” here in the County as lots of five figures money is thrown around when vows are being thrown down. 

Wedding-connected  activities spin off into more business for the County in ways you sometimes may not even associate with a wedding.  For instance, a Saturday night wedding I attended even had bus service back to Solomons Island for attendees to ride vs. trying to drive back post-partying.  (Best line I heard at the wedding came from the bride’s father who noted “Love is blind, but marriage restores one’s sight.”)  But my point is that the bus company  made some money on this regardless how the driver of the bus must have felt about driving to and from Ridge at various intervals on a Saturday night including a “last ride” at 1 am. 

Speaking of last ride, there are lots of wedding-related songs but this may be the strangest/best one of them all. 

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