Buzzy Blow Dry Bar?

From Maryland Beverage

Maryland has passed legislation approving the latest trend in hair salons called Blow Dry Bars.  These are hair salons where folks can now have a drink while having their hair done  (click here for story.)  Law took effect on 1 July in Montgomery County.   St. Mary’s has yet to ok one but it won’t be long before one pops up.

Thus, I am in talks with BJ Gray, Stylist (as her car license plate attests)  to see what we have to do to gin up a Buzzy Blow Dry Bar.  The idea has possibilities doesn’t it?  However, one thing about the Montgomery County legislation concerns me – the stipulation of only allowing 5 ounces of beer or wine to a customer would not go over in Buzzy’s – whether being blow dried or not!

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