Soup Nazi = Tommy Courtney?

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Missed commenting on Seinfeld’s 5 July anniversary.  But it was ironic seeing all the write ups about Seinfeld describe it as the show that was about nothing. 

It reminded me of a good example of why the show was successful .  A buddy of mine told me that when he had watched  a re-run of “The Sponge” episode, his 10 year old daughter was present.  He said that after about 15 or 20 minutes of Elaine going on about the sponge e.g. trying to decide if a potential date was “sponge worthy,” his daughter turned to him and asked “Dad, what’s the big deal, they’re only talking about a sponge!” 

That sums up the entire show fairly well – you either got it or you didn’t.  Here’s a quick look at some of Seinfeld’s best moments (click here.)

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