Father Son Story

For all of you who have helped your Dad in situations like this or have sons who hopefully will one day help you out, here is a nice poem from Ted Kooser.  He has a great website worth spending some time exploring (click here.)


On a parking lot staircase

I met two fine-looking men
descending, both in slacks
and dress shirts, neckties
much alike, one of the men
in his sixties, the other
a good twenty years older,
unsteady on his polished shoes,
a son and his father, I knew
from their looks, the son with his
right hand on the handrail,
the father, left hand on the left,
and in the middle they were
holding hands, and when I neared,
they opened the simple gate
of their interwoven fingers
to let me pass, then reached out
for each other and continued on.

And here is a video of another of his works:

Led me to locate this great song/video from Sawyer Brown.

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