The Hat That Went Around the World

Another one for the Nothing-Lasts-Forever File:  I recently made a new addition to the Buzzy hat collection:  my Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hat that I purchased several years ago when  visiting the Rock HoF in Cleveland.  The last travel shot shown here is one that Pam took of me on some island in the Caribbean. You can see the hat a little wrinkled with the bill’s frayed edges and overall raggedy ass condition, just like its owner.  It now joins the Buzzy Map as a travel testimony to the many places that we have been together. 

The hat even made it to the Taj Mahal. This is one of my favorite travel photo’s as you can see my Dad and me dressed accordingly – shorts, ball caps, white socks and all.  Proves something about being able to take the boys out of the country but not being able to………. Song below was made famous by Charles Weedon Westover – for real check it out.

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