Huckabee for President

“When people talk about the greatest American Rock and Roll Band, I say it’s the Rolling Stones.” (My nephew Todd Taylor.)

Caught Mike Huckabee on Bill Maher Friday night.  (Huck and Bill have appeared on each others’ shows several times (click here.) 

For me,  Huckabee’s pardoning of Keith Richards still stands as his one defining moment that certifies him as my choice for President.  What have these other clowns done that even comes close to that feat? 

I found this video (click here) that features Huckabee telling his version of the story.  He sort of glosses over the whole drug possession part of the story but that’s cool.  He still has my vote.

Keith began his autobiography Life recounting his Arkansas arrest.  This is sort of remarkable too when you think of all the incidents in a lifetime of sex, drugs and rock and roll, that Keith had to choose from.  Getting busted in Fordyce, Arkansas in 1975 seems like a strange place for an east London boy and famous rock and roller to start off his life story doesn’t it?  Guess he was just trying to establish his badness in that if you haven’t been locked up at least once in your lifetime in the U.S., then you got no cred.

Also found this good article on the incident (click here.) 

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