Sean and John

Here is another example of I-Am-So-Old – believe it or not, Sean Lennon turns 40 today.  Born in 1975, his birthday corresponded with his Dad’s John.   (After Sean’s birth, John would only live 5 more years before being shot in 1980.)

John would have been 75 today (click here.)  So Sean was born in 75 and turns 40 today while John was born in 1940 and would have been 75 had he lived.  Got to think that the 4075 combo may be one to hit the old Lotto machine with today.

Sean and his girlfriend comprise a band known as Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger.  His website is kind of interesting if you have the patience to wade thru it.

Beautiful Boy remains my favorite Beatles-connected song.  I know I’ve informed you of this before but what the hell it’s still such a great song that I never tire of it:

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