Get Out

One of the political radio shows I listen to recently featured a discussion of the movie Get Out.  The commentator on the radio described it as Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner with an evil twist.  He went on to note that Rotten Tomatoes’ critics (99%) and audiences (89%) alike had rated the movie very highly and this was a rarity for such high ratings by both groups.  Get Out deals with interracial dating, racism, white nationalism, liberal guilt etc.. (Click link below graphic to the left for more discussion along these lines.)

The radio guy piqued my interest enough to make me want to go see it.    I made the mistake of talking Pam into going by telling her it was Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner with a twist.  Note, I left out the “evil” part. 

Boy was that a mistake.  As we exited the theater at the movie’s conclusion Pam vowed “I will never let you take me to a movie again when I don’t know what it’s about.”   I told her that I didn’t know the plot either but she Googled it on her phone and sure enough noted that it was listed as a “Horror movie.”  Busted.

If, like Pam, you have no desire to venture out to see this movie, the following 9 minute video will fill you in on the plot and its weird twists and turns.   If you plan to eventually see the movie, then don’t watch because the video tells all. 
Even the movie’s theme song was a little weird:

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