Mutiny on the Bounty and a Twist of Fate

The other day while visiting with Mom, we watched the 1962 version of Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando as Fletcher Christian.  Reading about the movie on IMDB, I learned that the ship, the Bounty, that was built for the movie eventually sank during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
Although 14 crew members were rescued at sea, the Captain of the Bounty drowned as did a deckhand named Claudene Christian.  Turns out that she was the great grand daughter of the original HMS Bounty’s Fletcher Christian.

One of the articles about Claudene’s death described this as a cruel twist of fate.  That led me to the Dylan song Simple Twist of Fate.  Near the end of the song (2:50 mark in video,) Dylan quotes the guy summing up his one night stand with the lady by stating “She shoulda caught me in my prime; She would have stayed with me instead of going off to sea.”  How’s that for a coincidence?  Now if I find out that Dylan ever met or knew Claudene Christian…….

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