Gone to the Dogs

In discussing the Republican Health Care debacle, a couple of political commentators described it as a case of “the-dog-that-caught-the-car” situation.  Like the dog, the Republicans didn’t have a clue what to do when that opportunity came their way.

One of the first times I ever heard that expression used in this context involved someone in Buzzy’s Country Store describing an older dude’s crush on a much younger lady:  “Like a dog chasing a car, he wouldn’t know what to do with her if he ever caught her.”   

It made me wonder about where and how that expression came to be:


In keeping with this dog comparison, the Republicans were their own worst enemies. Watch how the dog here in this video thinks that his leg is trying to steal his bone:

Then again they all could be chasing the truck driven by the ice cream man.  Now there’s some health care for you!

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