Hattie – Ridge Rumble

Ridge Rumble and American Legion Memorial Day event is set for today. 

Made me dig thru the Enterprise archives to find the following front page photo and article from 2012:

Hattie, now 97, is still going strong.  (Steve O’Neil told me Saturday afternoon in Buzzy’s Country Store that Hattie had been up to Trinity Church Hall that morning helping them prepare for Sunday’s church dinner.)   To read the rest of the above article (click here.)

The following video has nothing to do with any of this; although, I guess a case could be made that the Number 1 selection in the video does involve motorcycles.  However, Born to Be Wild and Hattie just didn’t seem to match up very well if you know what I mean.

The video features Sweet Home Alabama (in my previous post) at Number 6 (06:00 mark:)

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