Double Jeopardy

Got your Steve Miller/Peter Frampton tickets for their show tonite in Solomon’s?  Neither do I.  Miller I could take or leave and Frampton too was ok but I never bought any of their stuff.  For the $100 ticket asking price, I will save a bunch of money and just buy their greatest hits.  (I think I may even have Steve’s on 8 track somewhere.) 

All of which leads me to this set up for the following Steve Miller music video.  Got to confess that I nicked this from a recent final Jeopardy question/answer as follows:

Answer: Delta Airlines which was named after the Mississippi Delta (click here.)

P.S.  You can go to the Jeopardy website and get their Final Jeopardy question/answer earlier in the day before the show airs in the evening.  I’ve been amazing Pam with my knowledge for a couple weeks now that I’ve discovered this little trick (click here.)  Don’t tell her my secret.

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