Nobody Gets Out Alive

Two items in the news a lot lately involve health care and the immigration ban.  My thoughts on this are based upon a recent article I saw somewhere in my internet wanderings (click here.)

The top ten causes of death are all medically related conditions ranging from heart disease to kidney disease.  (The chart below was referenced in an article discussing the odds of being killed by a terrorist.  Hence the highlighted causes on the right of the chart.)

Bottom line, if you are worried about how you’re gonna die, according to these odds, you have much bigger concerns to worry about than death at the hands of a terrorist.  

Other eyebrow raisers in this list include cancer which is still the Number 2 cause of death with odds at 1 in 7.  After all these years of research, isn’t it time that we cured this cancer thing?  Were I a Conspiracist,  I might be inclined to agree with those folks who claim that cancer is too big a business for the money boys to really try and cure it (click here.)

Also in the top ten, Alzheimer’s is 7th on the list at 1 in 47 odds.   Suicide just misses the Top Ten but is listed as the 11th cause of death at 1 in 98.  ( Note – a significant number of suicides are by our Veterans (click here.)  Solution – Take better care of our Vets and the overall suicide odds and numbers will decrease significantly.) 

Murder (14) and Assault By Gun (15) are up there too (odds of 1 in 249 and 1 in 358 respectively.)  But then note that Death from Accidental Gunshot and Police are broken out separately and are lower on the list.  All of which makes me wonder what the odds would look like if these various sub-categories were collated into an overall “Gun Related” cause of death.  It would certainly be much higher on this list. 

A final observation – Walking as a cause of death clocked in Number 18.  It made me re-evaluate my post hip replacement goal to walk more.  Sounds too dangerous to me!

Cool video from The Man in Black. See how many folks you can recognize:
Answerclick here.

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