Lexington Park Mural(s)

St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation’s ArtsPark Committee recently held a contest asking for mural ideas with the shared theme: “What Does Lexington Park Mean to You? – Lexington Park Comes Alive!

The first mural selected by the Committee was recently painted on the back of the Bank Square Building at 46940 S. Shangri La Drive and is shown here.  You can see the mural from Great Mills Road and S. Shangri-La Drive intersection as you head west from Gate 2.  It’s on the building directly across the road from the old Roost.  I have been trying for a couple weeks now to get a photo of it but every time I went by there,  a car or two was parked in front of it.  The other day, Joan Axtell was able to get this photo of it with no car(s) in the way.  Thank you, Joan!

The mural competition featured several outstanding submissions some of which I’ve included here.  For full list (click here.)  I liked just about all of them.  However, my favorite was this one by Leanne Sanders.

Couple others that caught my eye:

Little aside here on Lexington Park.  This mural project was a tough assignment when you think about it – trying to depict Lexington Park in a positive light.  Hence, anything along these lines to help spruce up the Park is a commendable effort. 

As for the mural’s overall theme “What Does Lexington Park mean to you?”  my answer is – not much.  After driving through it daily for 35 years to get to the Base, I now try to avoid the Park as much as I can.   Thank God for Chancellor’s Run road and Rt. 5.   

Too bad we couldn’t persuade one of those “Newtowne” big time developers to come in, raze the whole two-three block area of downtown LP and plop in something nice.  There were rumors of that a couple years back but those plans fell through.  As it is, Lexington Park needs a whole lot of love to make it come alive again and believe me, it’s gonna take more than a mural or two.

Originally, this was a Neil Young song (click here) that was kinda sad and down.  Nicolette recorded it and improved it sort of like someone needs to take Lexington Park and spiff it up too.

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