Oh See! Not

Have you kept abreast of this Ocean City topless controversy?  (Yeah, I couldn’t resist leading with that.)  A good article in the Washington Post summed it up fairly well  the other day when it said “Welcome to America, land of mixed messages and double standards.  Breasts, especially, continue to confound us” (click here.)

Earlier this month, Ocean City made national news (click here for CNN report on it.)  There was a report that the Beach Patrol Bubbas were not going to enforce  OC’s “No Topless” rules.  Initially they came out with a quasi don’t-ask-don’t-tell-policy whereby going topless was not going to be “enforced”  as it previously had been. 

However, once the word got out that OC was indeed now a topless beach, well you can guess what happened next – Holy tits! Bigtime PANIC ensued!  (Just Google “OC Topless” and you will get an idea what a shit storm it generated.)

So amidst all the churn,  OC’s head honcho’s held an emergency city council meeting this past Saturday to issue it’s decision: No Tatas.  Video follows.

Wonder if Alanis could have filmed her Thank You video in OC?

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