Old Photo’s (Continued)

Some more old photo’s from the Buzzy Files.  Lots of them featured Buzzy behind the counter with various folks.  Samples follow:

Sissy (Alice Raley) and Buzzy – 1993

Dolly, Buzzy and Karen Celebrating Dolly’s Birthday (Think It Was a Milestone One For Dolly So Date is Omitted)

Great Grand Kids Shawn and Lily With Buzzy – 2009

Carol Norris, Chris and Lorie – 1995

Then County Commissioner Danny Raley, Buzzy, Dick (back to us) and Glenn Guy – 2003 (50th Anniversary Party)

This next one is not that old of a photo as it was taken in 2015.  However, it is one of my all time favorites in that it features a truckload of happening women at Buzzy’s Country Store!
Back row – Kim, Barb, Linda Joan and Teri; Front row – Jennifer, Mandy and Lisa

Can’t explain why I like Ed Sheeran’s stuff but I do.

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