Three Things You Need in Life

Let’s shift a bit from old photo’s to an old movie – Shindler’s List from 1993. 

Twenty four years after it appeared in the theaters, Shindler’s List finally made it into my viewing lane the other night.  I now regret that I waited so long to catch it because it was perhaps the most powerful and moving movie that I have ever seen.  (Old Yeller notwithstanding (click here.)  

Too, I now understand why it won the Oscar for Best Picture along with six other Oscars.  Powerful movie telling a powerful story and an ending that brings the tears to your eyes.

Having said all that however, the one note that I wrote while watching the movie had to do with the following quote by Shindler.

Shindler said this to a Jewish acquaintance whom he was trying to convince to come work for him.

It got me thinking about the three things that one needs in life.  So I did some research and found the following Harvard study which documented these 3 things needed for a happy life:


Given all that, I could make a case that the Harvard study and Shindler’s Big 3 can not hold a candle to Earl Butz and his three things that one needs to be happy.  Butz famously observed that folks just want a pair of loose shoes, a tight pussy and a warm place to shit.  (For complete story  (click here,)) 

OK, granted, Butz was talking about three things that blacks want in life, but I ask you – who doesn’t want all that?     

Didn’t particularly care for the Stones’ version when I first heard it on Sticky Fingers, but it grew on me.  Their version closely followed Mississippi Fred McDowell’s:

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