Tiki Ticky-Tacky

Have you caught the Tiki Bar – Veterans’ Biker kerfuffle that went down over Memorial Day weekend?  Here is a quick recap:

It started with this May 28 FB post reprinted here (click here for source.)

The Tiki Bar owner then responded by firing the employee(s) involved in the encounter and posted this on the Tiki’s FB.  

Southern Maryland News Net did a story on June 2nd that included the Tiki owners’ above statement (click here for story.)  Couple days later however, one of the fired employees fired back with a letter describing how he was merely enforcing Tiki Bar policies (click here.) He even included a photo of this Tiki Bar sign:

(Note:  If the “No a shirts” reference threw you like it did me, I think wife beater shirt is a better description.)

I’m not sure about all of this but I do think that the Tiki folks brought it on themselves with their dress code crap.  Being a little bit of an anti-establishment kind of guy, I have never liked seeing any business post these “attire” signs and try to tell folks what they couldn’t wear.   When I see these postings at a business entrance, I usually turn around and go somewhere else. 

If, as the fired employee maintains, the fracas started because he was trying to enforce the Tiki’s “no doo rag” policy that makes it all the more a joke.  What’s wrong with doo rags?

It reminded me of my gift from Aaron Dalton awhile back (click here.)

Also, makes me wonder if Little Steven would ever get served in the Tiki Bar.

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