November Birthdays

John Carbone celebrates on 2 November, John “Busser” Eaker on the 4th and Wes Demko on the 5th.  Steve O’Neil the 7th; Darline Madjeski the 8th, John Porter the 9th, Sharon Barnhill the 12th, Harry Wheatley and Wade Norris 14th, Joe Stone 16 November,   Warren Burke and Tommy Courtney the 20th, Mary Lou Cullison and Mike Raley the 23rd,   Bobby Cook and Bubba Cullison on the 30th.  

In my immediate family, my Grand daughter Lily celebrates on the 17th and my niece Katie (Taylor) Allen on the 25th.

Don’t forget, Thanksgiving will also slide in there on the 26th so get that cranberry sauce ready.  When do you ever eat that stuff other than on Turkey Day?!

Delores O’Riordan was lead singer of The Cranberries and had one of the most distinctive singing voices ever.  (I’d like to claim that I came up with the term “Billie Holiday-esque” but found that someone else has already used it (click here.))   Like many of the songs she wrote and recorded however, Delores’ life and death were somewhat tragic (click here.)

P.S.  As I muddled my way thru talking about Ms. O’Riordan, it made me think of Buzzy and me riding on a tour bus past her mansion located in the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland. I blogged about that in 2011 (click here.)

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