Sing That Song

When Mom came home from the hospital last Monday, the Hospice folks explained to Donna, Lila and me how the coming days would play out.  In their discussions, they told us to anticipate a “rally” of sorts where Mom would appear to make a come back and be fully engaged once again.  They warned us however, not to be too misled about the rally because it would be very short lived and that we should expect an inevitable downturn soon afterwards.  

On Tuesday Caitie and Brady took Blaise and Stone down to see Mom.  Donna filmed this video of Mom up, having fun, enjoying her company and even singing.  

Later in the week we realized that the Hospice folks had correctly predicted things, as Mom went steadily downhill from there.  She passed very peacefully last night.

What she tells Blaise at the end of the video “Sing that song boy.”

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