Twofer Tuesday – Mom and the Courtneys

After someone called Buzzy’s Country Store recently asking where the Watermen’s Suppy Store was in Ridge, it crossed my mind to pen a future Buzzyblog Twofer Tuesday on Buck and Tommy Courtney.  I thought that I would discuss how the two of them grew up as watermen and how both of them used that experience to open up a store (Buck) and a restaurant (Tommy) and continue to be successful businessmen both on and off the water.  I even thought about the Twofer title as Two Brothers – Making Money On the Water and Off the Water and label it a Double Twofer.

But today of course I’m still thinking about Mom and her passing.  My thanks to all of you who have reached out and either called or sent such nice notes and texts about her.  It really does mean a lot and I appreciate it.

Mom passed at 5:30 Sunday evening.  I had closed the Store at 5 after I apologized to the several folks there for kicking them out like I did.  However, I wanted to get back to her house and be there with her.  Her breathing had slowed to a standstill.  Even though she wasn’t in any pain, you could tell that she was laboring every time she drew a breath.  You could also tell that it wouldn’t be long.  

I’d like to think that she waited for me to get there before she moved on.  However, I know that that’s not the case because she had been ready to go for sometime now.  In fact, in the hospital the week before last a couple times through the course of the nights there I would hear her say something along the lines “Please God, just take me.”  Donna and Lila also noted that once back home when she was still conversant through the nights she would also say things like that.  So she went when she went; but I am grateful that I was there when she did so. 

OK, so why am I mentioning Buck and Tommy Courtney in this particularly somber post about my Mom passing?  Well, as I was looking for a nice photo of her to include here, I found the two below.  With my Courtney Twofer Tuesday spiel sort of worked out in my head, I figured go for it  and that Mom wouldn’t mind.   (Click on the old blogposts below each photo and you’ll see her on her game, laughing and joking with both of the Courtney boys.) 

Mom and Buck Apr 2020 (Click here for blogpost)

Tommy’s 2019 Birthday (click here for blogpost) 

As for Mom’s funeral arrangements, Donna, Lila and I have decided to keep it private and family only.  We will say goodbye to her at St. Michael’s Church and then have a small reception afterwards down at Tommy’s.  Seems appropriate right?

And speaking of appropriate choices, here’s a very soothing song from one of my all time favorite CD’s “Cool” by Earl Klugh and Bob James:

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