BK and Mike Miller

I saw an article the other day discussing State Senator Mike Miller retiring due to having cancer (click here.)  Senator Miller served as President of our Maryland State Senate for 33 years before resigning from that position in October 2019.  His tenure as President of the Maryland Senate is not only the longest of anyone having ever served in Maryland but also for that of any other State Senate president in the United States.

In the Washington Post article the following caught my eye:

Naturally this made me curious about the Miller family business.  I found the following website (www.bkmiller.comwith a history section that talks about how Mike’s grandfather Blossie Kueberth Miller started his country store in 1913 in Clinton, Maryland.

The business grew and diversified with the store becoming a meats and liquor store.  Here is the Facebook page for the store (click here.) 

As for Mike, while his other family members continued and expanded the business retail operations, he went to law school and eventually into politics.  I found another Washington Post article from 1994 that does an excellent job discussing Mike’s political background and career (click here.)  Mike eventually moved from the Clinton area and currently lives in Chesapeake Beach in Calvert County.

I am sorry to hear that the Stage 4 cancer has caused Mike to resign but do wish him well and thank him for all his work on behalf of Maryland’s citizens.  When I re-open Buzzy’s Country Store next month, I’m going to extend to him an invitation to come down and visit an old time country store similar to what his grandfather BK once ran.

(Quick aside here:  it reminds me of something Joe Stone told me a couple weeks ago after he had paid Eddie Bailey a visit.  Joe told me that as they were talking and reminiscing, Eddie joked with him “Joe, do you think we could just get in the car and ride down to Buzzy’s and have a beer?”  After learning of Eddie’s passing a few days later, Joe told me “I wish I’d taken him up on it.”  I wish he had too.  For A County Times’ front page article on Eddie (click here and scroll thru.))

Music wise I usually wait until the very end of December to play this Counting Crows tune but it came to mind today so here it is:

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