I Feel ….. Old

Nice story on CBS’ Sunday Morning a few weeks back featuring elderly folks known as the Young@Heart singing some rock and roll tunes (click here to view it.)  

In case you were out hitting all those after-Christmas sales yesterday you may not have noticed that Kwanza officially started.  Today being Sunday and the second day of Kwanza, why not check out the 7 principles of Kwanza (click here.) (Note that I particularly like  Number 4, Ujamaa, which encourages folks to lift up their communities and “To build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together.”  Sounds to me like a variation of Shop Local, but the message is the still the same – take care of one another and we will all do well.  

OK, so I began talking about the Young@Heart and got a little sidetracked here talking about it being  Kwanza.  To tie ’em both together, how about some JB feeling good?!  Like sugar and spice!  (Even if our Young@Heart dude sorta mangles his set of lyrics it’s all still great.  (Did he really say “I feel nice, like Kibbles and rice”?)

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