Covid Christmas

With several of my Buzzy friends having tested positive for the virus, here is a good Washington Post article (click here) discussing the symptoms associated with it.  (Be sure to also read the comments following the article as they also include some clarifications and additional information about the symptoms.) This video is part of the article:


Most of the folks whom I have talked to told me that they had had very few, if any, of the symptoms.  A couple folks reported having experienced some headaches and some fatigue symptoms.  However, only one person that I talked to experienced the fever, chills and coughing symptoms.  That person, along with two other people, also reported having lost their taste and smell senses.  

As for treatments, my friends were advised that it some times can be awhile before the virus takes hold and for them to expect the worst.  (Here too is a good article on the time between being exposed to the virus and the onset of symptoms from it (click here.)   Folks were advised to quarantine, drink lots of water and take it easy.  One individual told me about the use of a pulse oximeter to monitor oxygen levels (For more info on this click here.)   

As for the fact that Buzzy’s Country Store appears to have been at the center of all this obviously  doesn’t make me feel too good.  In fact, I feel awful about it.  That I had been thinking very seriously about closing after Christmas anyway makes me now wish that I had closed the Store after Thanksgiving.  Hope everybody can hang in there, get thru the rest of 2020 and set our sights on 2021 being a better time.  Merry Christmas and bah Covid!

Feel like I need a little shot of John Lee today.  It’s a known fact that the Blues will pull you through whenever you’re feeling down:

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