“I’m Feeling Alright Myself”

Day 4 or 5 (I forget which) of my self imposed quarantine and I think I’m ok – with the key word being think.   Pam and I got our Covid tests yesterday and now have to await 5-7 days for the results.  It seems like a long time to have to wait, but what with the surge in demand for tests and the Christmas holidays I guess a 5-7 day wait isn’t so bad.  

As I noted the other day, this marked my third testing for the virus.  My first experience in October with Mom involved a swab of my nostril that was a little uncomfortable but not too bad.  The test lady had informed me that it would feel like it feels when you dive in a pool and the water goes up your nose.  That seemed to be semi-accurate.  

My second test in November however, was a little more of a jab up the nose and actually hurt a bit.  I remember thinking at the time that I had never dived into any water previously and had water go up my nostrils like that.

Yesterday’s test though was definitely ramped up more so than my first two.  For starters, they now do two swabs, one up each nostril.  The first swab was uncomfortable but not too bad.  However, on the second swab, the test lady nailed me such that I thought the swab was about to enter into my eye ball socket.  It led me to conclude that their “water-up-the-nose-analogy” did not hold water as the feeling was more like being bopped in the nose during a Tall Timbers Tavern fight.  (Old Ridge boys will get and understand that reference.)  

In the line ahead of me were two of my Buzzy friends also getting tested.  Additionally, I have talked to several more folks who have been tested and like me are awaiting their results.  Hopefully everything will work out.  To quote John “Strange days indeed, most peculiar momma.” 

And speaking of musical references, while the rest of us strive to stay alive, check out this listing of just who moved on up to Rock n Roll heaven this past year (click here.)  Like me, I’m sure you recall the likes of Little Richard, Spencer Davis, Bill Withers and Eddie Van Halen punching out; but there are some of the others on the list such as Trini Lopez and Mac Davis that I had not heard about.

Nor was I aware that Emitt Rhodes died in his sleep this past July.  Somewhere in my attic I’ve got the above album stashed with this great tune on it:

Following this hit and album’s success, Emitt ran into some tough business issues and eventually  walked away from recording for decades.  As upbeat and fun as his one hit Daisy was, overall Emitt’s musical story is a little sad (click here. P.S. The outro lyrics are listed as being “Horray, the Lord is good to his children.”  Too bad the music industry wasn’t equally as good to Emitt. 

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