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Tis the season of giving and if you are looking for a good cause to donate to check out the Church of the Ascension’s Food Pantry on Great Mills Road right across the road from the Burger King (which ironically is now out of business.  We live in some very strange times don’t we? Food bank open; Burger King gone.) 

The pantry is part of an overall effort Feed St. Mary’s (click here.)  This is from their Feed St. Mary’s website:

Hard to believe that St. Mary’s County, one of the better off Counties in the U.S., still has so many folks in need of assistance.  Think what it must be like in those counties that don’t have a Navy Base around to drive their economy.

Whenever I see or hear something about the need for food banks, the Jackson Browne lyric “Oh Lord, are there really people starving still?” runs thru my mind.   However, I could never remember which song of his it was from.  

Well, it only took me two clicks of the ole Google machine to land on The Fuse (click here.)  It was on his great 1976 Pretender album (say a prayer…)  The starving line is at the 3:45  mark.  No pun intended.

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