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Most holiday-related events have been cancelled this year including the Buzzy Christmas party which, in a non-Covid environment, would have been held this Saturday evening.  

However, there are are still a couple things on the County’s weekend calendar if you are adventuresome enough to want to mosey out and about for some holiday doings.  (For more info on all these events (click here.)):

But the one event scheduled for this weekend that really caught my eye for creativity is this one combining aviation and some farmers’ market activities:

It made me think that in retrospect maybe I should not have cancelled the Buzzy Car Show earlier this year and instead have done a Drive In Farmer’s Market Buzzy Car Show.  We coulda served up some produce and veggies and checked out some classic vehicles simultaneously.  

Then again, on most Sunday afternoons we’ve usually got some classic rides sitting in Buzzy’s parking lot.  For example, this short video is from this past Sunday:

Regarding Greg Madjeski’s Fairlane, he also had it down to the Store last Sunday when I filmed this short video of him cranking it up.  Who knows, maybe someday he’ll have it on the road.

When I mentioned in the video that Bobby Wright had gotten his classic car after Greg had gotten the Fairlane, I was referring to his recent purchase of a 66 Vette.  Here are a couple photos of him and Cathy a little earlier Sunday afternoon at Buzzy’s.  

Photo of it back in St. Mary’s City:
Music wise I guess something classical is called for:

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