Notes To and From Mom

My sisters and I have been going thru Mom’s things and all in all it is a rather bittersweet and sad endeavor.  

However, somethings do surprise and make you stop and smile abit such as these couple of notes she had stashed away all these years.  

At first, I was puzzled when I saw this folded up paper showing Buzzy’s letterhead proclaiming that he sold “Groceries Ice and Dry Goods” and wondered why she had kept it.

But when I turned the paper over, I saw why she had done so:

Note that I did say “Pleas” 3 times so obviously she had taught me well.  And while I have absolutely zero recollection of any of this, I am 100% certain that I indeed got my cake (and I ate it too!)  I was such a lucky little “doy” to have had a Mom like that.

Then there was this one, again on Buzzy’s letterhead. that being the good Mom that she was, she just went ahead and wrote it out for me to sign:

Guess this is how I learned to always try and say please and thank you even if I couldn’t spell them properly!

Calls for a nice little Jack Johnson tune:

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