Thank You Jimmy and Happy Birthday (All Day!)

My morning routine usually involves starting the coffee, turning on the laptop and then cranking up the ole Buzzyblog to see if I can say something semi-interesting or otherwise amusing here on the blog.  

Most days I will have thought my way thru what it is that I want to write based on an event, a conversation, a photo, a song or something that tripped my Buzzy-related trigger the day or the night before.  Mentally, I’ll file things away and think – that’ll be a good blogpost and later tap into that to pass along to you.  Most days too I can remember what it is that I wanted to remember and write about.

Some days however, such as today, I got nothing.  It happens.  I’m used to it.  I will do some work arounds and try harder the next time to be back on my Buzzy game.  If nothing else I’ll look up a favorite song and talk about that.  (Giving away my blogging secrets here now such that the next time you see me discussing a song you’ll say “Aha, he didn’t have anything to say today!”)

Yet having said all that, it turns out that today I did stumble upon something Buzzy’s-Country- Store-related and semi-interesting at least to me.  You see, I just got a new laptop that opens with a Welcome Screen that I don’t particularly care for.  

Today’s screen however, caught my eye as follows:

That’s My Fingernail Mark Up and Not Theirs’

The irony of me seeing this and liking it is that for the couple days that I have had this PC I have been trying to figure out how to disable this screen and make the PC just open up on my favorites like my old one used to do.  But because it is Capt. Jimmy’s birthday (and it is all day at that!) means that I might just keep the welcome screen as is.  

And speaking of Jimmy, we got to do a boat song right?

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