Twofer Tuesday – President Coolidge Part 2

I’m showing you this today as a Twofer item because I have previously mentioned how President Calvin Coolidge was born and  grew up in his family’s Vermont country store (click here.)  It was also here in the back of his country store that he was sworn in as President the night that his predecessor Warren Harding died suddenly.  In 1923 Coolidge was back home in Vermont visiting his folks when he got the word that Harding had passed.  His father, who was a notary public and a justice of the peace, then swore him in as our  30th President.

Why Coolidge popped back up on my radar came about as I was searching thru some old issues of the St. Mary’s Beacon looking for references to country stores.  I was looking for info on our local County country stores when this article appeared and I had to check it out.  

Here is the article as it appeared in August 1934 in our St. Mary’s Beacon.  (Note that Coolidge died in 1933 and that explains the article’s lead sentence.  He was buried back home in Vermont not far from his boyhood home/country store.)

OK, so why am I so interested in this Coolidge – Country Store connection such that I would now mention it twice here on the Buzzyblog? Well, you see it’s not too early to start thinking about the Presidential race in 2024.  You do know who visited a certain country store not too long ago and is now being mentioned as a possible candidate in the next Presidential election?  Our Guv Larry Hogan.  Coolidge in 1923, now Hogan a century later in 2024.  I may even have to become a notary public just so I can swear him in back at Buzzy’s Country Store!

Gov. Hogan, Steve, John Wayne and Herbie

This oldie just came to mind featuring Del sounding like Lou Christie.  (And if you get that reference, then you really are an old fart like me.)  Looks like the Beatniks are trying to rob a country store here at the 1:03 mark.  That can’t be right.

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