Get Over It

OK – some political talk today, my last of the year so if you’re not in the mood for it, take a  pass, or a hike if you will, and check back tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday Buzzy musings on some non-political stuff.  

With the overall difference in the popular vote now nearing 7 million votes, my take is as basic as this post’s title – “Get over it.”

Only a genuine idiot who lost by 7 million votes would continue to maintain that he not only won but also that he “won by a lot.”  (But then again our boy has never let reality get in his way has he?)  However, close behind his idiocy has to be the significant number  (50% perhaps?) of his followers who also believe that the election really was rigged against him.  (For a good article on this subject (click here.))  

Even more amazing to me, who like Bruce believes that “sooner or later it all comes down to money,” is the donating of over $170 million from his followers for his Election Defense Fund.  (Quick Buzzy aside here – I have not over heard any of my Buzzy Trumpsters in the Store make any statements about having sent Don the Con any of their money to date.  However, I do have my suspicions that some of them may have done so and simply aren’t admitting that they did.  I’m betting that if even one of the 40 some lawsuits that Rudy and company have filed on Trump’s behalf ever comes close to succeeding, I may yet hear from them.  Otherwise for now, silence really IS golden.) 

But instead of just complaining about all this, how’s about I mention a couple possible solutions for this hoo-ha about the election results and the electoral college?  (Of course, it would be too easy to just say do away with the Electoral College and use the popular vote – although I could make a case for that!) 

Instead, why not have a National Voting Law where all states manage their voting procedures the same way?  For example, this business about how some states do or don’t count mail in/absentee ballots in a timely manner could be cleaned up by stipulating some consistency.  I know that this is a Constitutional issue and is not gonna happen but hey it’s a suggestion.

My Number two suggestion is much more attainable though and that is for other states to do something like Maine and Nebraska have done.  Those two states award their electoral votes by apportionment versus the winner take all method that is currently in effect in the other 48 states (click here for related article.)  For instance, had this been done in Maryland this go round the Trumpster would have gotten 3 of Maryland’s 10 electoral votes reflective of him having won the popular vote in 14 of our 23 counties.  (To read further about how this and other electoral options and methods would work (click here.))

But my third suggestion is that we try and make sure that the people we select to run for President are not so petty nor delusional that they can’t admit it when their time is up.  And this goes doubly for dudes who shake down their followers for millions of dollars as they do so.    

OK, that’s my two cents.  After that I need a shot of rhythm and blues to bring me back up.  Here then are the Stones still getting it done in 2020.  Best comment I read was “If Keith met the coronavirus, the virus would have to self isolate.”  Mick’s last line in the song “If I want to party, it’s a party of one” may even have some relevance for our Non-Conceder in Chief!  Hey Donnie, this one’s for you!

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