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Buzzy used to forward items of note to Catherine Bean for her to include in her Down County News column that appeared in the Enterprise for several years.  Here are a couple I found recently from reviewing the Enterprise archives. 

I think in the first one here where Mrs. Bean has John Eaker’s nickname as “Bussie” is probably due to her misreading of Buzzy’s handwriting which more than likely had John’s correct  nickname as “Busser.”

Also there was this one that appeared in another November 79 issue:

And this one from May 83:

And this one from November 1978 where unfortunately the left margin got cropped off some when they microfilmed it:

(I also pointed out another item that I’m fairly certain Buzzy did not originate but thought it was pretty cool that Joe and Debbie (Demko) Drury were also mentioned for their son Jeff’s October 4th birth.)

They’ve started with the Christmas tunes and guilty pleasure confession time this Paul tune, as sappy as it is, always kinda gets some of that old time Christmas spirit going in me: 

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