The Pixies Three and Me

I awoke this morning at 4:42 and the first thing that ran thru my mind was “Glenwood Avenue.”  My second thought was “Where the hell did that come from?”   (I think I may have heard it play the other day in Buzzy’s Country Store when I had the radio tuned to a 60’s channel.) 

So after starting the coffee pot, I hit that internet thingmabobby and soon found out all about the Pixies Three who were responsible for 442 Glenwood Avenue (click here.)  To check out their official website (click here.)  

Also, I landed on this very good 2018 radio interview with the groups’ founder Debra Swisher who discusses how they started out, got their name, toured and what they are doing today.  (The interview runs approximately 1/2 hour but it’s worth checking out if for no other reason than how at the 26:00 mark Debra discusses how their recording of Make Me Your Baby was originally their tune but eventually became a big hit for Barbara Lewis.)

Before 442 Glenwood, their first hit record Birthday Party was recorded when they were sophomores in high school.  Here they are in 2010 performing it:

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