I Want My……. Christmas Lights!

No Bubby Knott Christmas Lights this year so you need to find a new drug, err make that gig.  Locally Annmarie Gardens has this going on:

Buzzy’s Country Store doesn’t have much on the outside to light you up; but inside it’s a whole nother story.  Drop in and see (or maybe I should say drop in and drink!)

But hey , if “that ain’t working” for you because you are lazy like me and just want to stay in your car and check out some lights, then bop up the road a piece and check out this drive thru extravaganza of lights in Gaithersburg.  Now “that’s the way you do it.”  


But if all of this venturing out is too much for you, better still, thanks to Nathan Nagele, you can just watch this video and get your lights’ fix without even leaving your cozy little home.  As for “getting your chicks for free,” well, hey that’s on you.

For those of you not getting my attempts at being musically clever here, this one’s for you:

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