Letters to Santa

Since I began this week by bashing the USPS, how about I now talk about something good that they are doing?  (Note however, that Buzzy’s Country Store STILL has not received its December Beverage Journal!)

Each year the Postal folks sponsor a Letters to Santa campaign whereby kids can send Santa a letter asking for things that they want for Christmas.  The letters (click here for samples) are then published on line for folks to “adopt” them and donate accordingly to help provide the kids with the requested items.

So let’s give the USPS some credit where credit is due.  That’s a pretty nice thing that they are doing.  (And here I always thought that they just shit canned those letters to Santa.)

Which brings up this funny recent SNL skit.  (If you are not familiar with Eminem’s original video that this is parodying (click here before watching the following;)

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