Monday Rant

Haven’t ranted in a while so let’s start this week off on a sour note and I promise to move on up as the week progresses. Today I’m talking U.S. Postal Blues.

 I usually receive my copy of the Beverage Journal sometime around the 25th of each month.  (The Journal is a catalogue that liquor retailers rely on to review prices of wine and liquor for the coming month and place their orders accordingly.)  The Journal costs retailers such as Buzzy’s Country Store $106 per year for the monthly subscription.

All that said however, I did not receive my December issue and  December is a hot month for liquor sales.  Distributors not only try to capitalize on holiday sales (all that egg nog you know) but also they use it as a time to unload some of their year-end inventory stock by offering some pretty good deals on booze.

   When I forwarded an inquiry to the publishers based in Baltimore asking where my issue was, this is the note I received back:

Without getting too profane here, what the hell has happened to our Postal Service and why is it so f’ed up?  I know that there are several explanations.  For instance, I found this article that provides a good historical over view of the Post Office’s gradual demise thru the years (click here.)   As for the impacts of our recent election-based/political maneuverings, check out this discussion that popped up once I had googled “Why is the Post Office so fucked up?” (click here.)

As a second example of current piss poor postal service, Pam and I subscribe to what the Enterprise newspaper has now become – The Southern Maryland Something or Other.  (It has been so long since we have received a copy of it, that I have forgotten what it is called.)

We have not received an issue of the paper in several weeks now and the ones we did receive previously were several weeks old by the time that they were delivered to us in the mail.  When Pam complained to the newspaper folks,  they too cited the postal service as the blame. 
I got no solutions nor advice to give here other than to say that it does seem to me to be a solvable problem when compared to some of our other pressing issues such as the pandemic, health care and immigration etc..  Get some smart folks in a room and let them figure it out without any political posturing or b.s. and come up with a solution.  It’s a business decision based on the bottom line so just do it.  Hey, we figured it out when the Pony Express, the telegraph and the railroads were no longer viable options for mail service didn’t we?  Why not now?

Meanwhile, I’m going online to access the Beverage Journal’s web-based edition to see what the deals are for December.  I hear you suggesting then – why not cancel the subscription to the hard copy and just use the internet?  Well, the answer is because the liquor smarties still charge me $106 for the service.  See how they have figured it out and continue to make their money for the service?

Speaking of mail box “blues” here’s a Taj Mahal tune for you performed by Johnny Heartsman:

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