Twofer Tuesday – Moonlight Lady and Southern California

I am not a big Julio Iglesias fan but did find myself sort of bopping and humming along to this little ditty of his below.  (I even daydreamed a tad about such a lady and a night and a time in a previous life.  It even led me to Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart’s I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight but that’s not the twofer that I have cued up for you today.  So read on.) 

Amidst my pleasant reveries of a moonlight lady on a beach however, it did occur to me “Man, this Julio song sure sounds like some other song I know.  What is it?”  Almost on cue (at the 2:58 mark) Julio sang the line “Seems it never rains in Southern California….” and presto, he answered my question.

So naturally I had to check out that reference and lo and behold, I learned that the same dude, Albert Hammond, who wrote Moonlight Lady also wrote and had a hit record with It Never Rains in Southern California.  How’s that for a cool pairing?  Made me wonder if Albert ever considered suing himself for plagiarism?

First up then check out Julio’s Moonlight Lady:

And now Albert’s Southern California:

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