Never Fight With Numbers 1, 3, 5 , 7 and 9 – The Odds Will Be Against You

It was one month ago that I closed Buzzy’s due to the Covid outbreak among 20 or so of my friends who frequent and even work in the Store.   I am happy to report that today all of them are recovered and doing ok following their exposure to the virus.  For that I am very grateful.  

Still, it was a pretty scary time for everyone and for me feeling guilty that Buzzy’s was somehow involved in all this.  Believe me, being labelled a Covid Super Spreader was never something I had considered for the Buzzy business model.  Cold Beer Super Spreader is more like what I had in mind for Buzzy’s.  

According to our Health Department’s Covid tracking numbers (click here) confirmed cases in the Ridge (18) and Scotland (14) areas are staying comparatively low given that the County overall has seen more than a  doubling of cases from the 1st of December (2350) to yesterday’s total of 4777.       

In talking to one of my Buzzy friends who tested positive for the virus but came out of it ok, he made the what-doesn’t-kill-you-makes-you-stronger observation.  While I agreed and laughed along with him, what I didn’t say to him is that I have never really bought in to that saying.  In fact, I have always thought that it was a little on the dumb side of quotes for the simple reason that stress alone can, will and does kill you.  Bottom line is that  nobody, and that means NO body, here gets out alive.  (OK,  Christ took 3 days before He made His great comeback but He still went outta here first physically didn’t He?)    

Just because I was curious to see if anybody else had questioned the veracity of that makes-you-stronger rationale, I found at least one study that says it is horse manure and maybe even entirely false  (click here.)    What doesn’t kill you now, may eventually get you anyway.   As an example, think how many times you have heard a cancer survivor say “Thank God they got it all” and 6 months later they are up there thanking God in person, or maybe more likely, asking God “What the hell happened?”    You just never know do you? 

Musically, since I quoted Mr. MoJo Risin’, might as well play that one here for you.  (I never knew until just now that he lifted part of the lyrics to this tune from a hymnal/bedtime story (click here for explanation.)  Also, I think I did hear that this was the song he was singing on stage in Miami when he got busted for indecent exposure and trying to incite a riot.  That Jim, he really was ahead of his time (pun intended.))


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