Show Off Your Stuff

Today over at St. Clement’s Museum they are sponsoring an Appraiser Fair.  It’s kind of like that Antique Roadshow where you can bring your heirlooms and collectibles to have them checked out and appraised.  For more info go to the Museum’s FB page (click here.)  

It made me think of something that my friend Joan suggested awhile back about having an event at Buzzy’s Country Store where folks display unique things that they have around their homes.  For example, Joan has a set of fender skirts from her Dad’s old car.  (I’m betting some younger folks don’t even know what fender skirts are (or were.))

I’ll put this Show Off Your Stuff idea in the Buzzy Future Events Folder and maybe we’ll do something along these lines when the weather warms up and we’re all dealing in a Post-Covid environment.    Meanwhile, start thinking about what items you have sitting around that may be worth showing off (other than your car or your truck that is!)

Speaking of friends, a very good friend sent me this really good song about folks having a totally good time.  Absolutely good stuff!  This is the first that I have ever heard of Niko, but I’m sure it won’t be the last as he seems to have hit that sweet spot of country, rock. and feel good music.  We sure can use some more of that can’t we?

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