Bars Trying to Survive

A priest, a rabbi and a duck walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says “What is this, some kinda joke?”

I received my February copy of the Beverage Journal last week so maybe things with the Post Office are starting to return to normal (click here for previous post on how I was not receiving the Journal due to Post Office delivery problems.)  

The Beverage Journal features a good article on how some bars are surviving (click here.)  I say some because there are many bars that are not surviving and have either closed for good or are limping along on the life support of grants and assistance from the government.  The author of the Beverage Journal article notes that his bar, The Little Jumbo in Ashville, North Carolina, has been closed since March of 2020.  However, I also  saw the following on The Little Jumbo’s website so it looks like they are now back open at least for To-Go drinks:

I like that “look forward to hearing the front door jingle” as I too have missed that.  I’ve been working on some projects in the Store and even when caught up in what I am doing, a part of me keeps expecting to hear the door open and someone come into the Store.  I’m that conditioned to operating as such that it has taken me awhile to realize and get used to the fact that – ain’t nobody coming in.   However, that should change when I re-open this coming Sunday.

Another bar-closure-related-item that crossed my transom recently involved the following video that went viral.  When it became a political issue, it was also featured in a front page story of the Washington Post (click here.)   (What doesn’t become a political issue anymore?)

A quick check of Pineapple’s FB page indicates that they are now back open and doing their thing.

Bottom line is that having and running any bar or restaurant is quite a challenge even in the best of times. However, trying to do so amidst a pandemic where owners not only have to follow various mandated rules and regulations, but also have to deal with customers who don’t want to follow the protocols, then it makes for an even greater challenge.  Hopefully, things can and will get better as we go forward.  

This tune came to mind, perhaps because of the line “It’s been the worst of years…” 

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