Twofer Tuesday – Snow Stuff

I received two snow-related pics that I thought were worth passing along.  

First up is one from son Shea who sent me a photo of his snowy day activities where he produced the following snowman. Maybe a little TOO much emphasis on the “man” part, but still a worthwhile effort nonetheless.  

How Do You Make a Banana Stand?

Next “up,” Cousin Clyde sent me this photo of a time honored tradition:

All this talk of snow reminded me of a video from Joni that features some snowy scenes of a coyote trying to catch a mouse in the snow.  (Spoiler Alert: the mouse somehow escaped.)  

Joni performs her classic song Coyote backed by guitarist Pat Metheny and bass player Jaco Pastorius playing one of the best bass performances ever.  In addition to the great musicianship, how is that Joni, even a little overdressed and without doing any crazy dancing or bopping around on stage, nevertheless is every bit as sexy as any Madonna/Beyonce-wanna-be out there trying to be hot and not?  Too, I guess the subject matter of some horndog dude trying (and maybe even succeeding, I’m not so sure) to seduce her makes the song and Joni even more sexier.  (More sexier?  Where is Grammarly when I need it?)   


For more on Joni and the album that this song is on click here for a great review and demo of what she’s doing here.   Joni makes an appearance on this video and discusses chord progressions at the the 8:20 mark.  Listen closely as to whom she sounds like or vice versa.  Here’s a clue for you – her sound alike took this February snow scene at Buzzy’s in 2010.  


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