Happy Birthday Reagan!

In talking with Grandson Shawn the other day about getting old, I made some comment how the taking care of family members is that the parents take care of the kids when they are young so they (the kids) can take care of the parents when they are old.  I went on to say “Well, that’s the theory anyway.  My kids will probably just roll my old ass into some nursing home somewhere.”  

Shawn didn’t say anything right away but after a short pause he came back with “Well, Aunt Rea Rea might take care of you.”  My assumption is that during his pause Shawn was mulling over just whom of my 4 kids might consider taking care of me and landed on Reagan, my youngest,  as the most likely to do so.  

After Shawn had said this, I laughed and then echoed something that my Mom repeatedly stated about not wanting to be a burden to anyone as I got old and too decrepit to rock and roll anymore.  

I make mention of this little exchange with Shawn because today is Reagan’s birthday and want to wish her a happy one!  

Reagan is currently out on the West Coast living and working in San Diego but is thinking about moving back East.  I keep telling her that she needs to be on the “Right” Coast and am encouraging her to head this way.  And no, I am not doing so just because I want my eventual caretaker closer!  

I found this description of youngest children and had to smile when it mentioned that Ronald Reagan had also been a youngest child.    

Family Dynamics: The Youngest Child (family3dynamics.blogspot.com)

On a Daddy-daughter music note, Neil Young wrote this tune for his daughter Amber when she was about to graduate from college.

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