Rich Brewer Photography

Rich Brewer loved taking photo’s of lightning.  He had the following shot framed and displayed on his office wall at the College:

From Rich’s FB Page 

Several years ago when he was living on Trapp Road, Rich took a number of shots of lightning over Monks Inn.  I posted the following on the Buzzyblog.

To see the other photos he took of lightning striking Monks (click here.)

And while speaking of Rich and things photographic, here is a photo that he posted on his FB page.  Note – he didn’t mention who took the photo, but he did identify who was in it (below.)

Sitting: Shaine Gahan, Jimbo Matters, Larry Johnson: 2nd row; Jake Jacobs, Denny Shaneybrook, Jimmy Jamieson, Arthur Shepherd, JC McKibben, John Ahearn, Keith Noe, Pete Koch. Standing: Kevin Smith, Steve Whorl, Andy Chovanes, Chas Hinchcliffe, Rich, Ben Bryan, Chic Baroniak, Tyrone Harris

For obvious reasons this tune came to mind;

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