More Buzzy Nick Names

J. Frank Raley Sr., Jonesy Norris, Buddy White and Tippy in Buzzy’s

I have received several comments and suggested updates on my Buzzy Nick Name post from the other day (click here and read comments,) so let’s take another shot at it with what we’ll call Draft 2.   Additions are hi-lited.

P.S.  A couple folks have asked me about my brother Stevie’s nickname of Bonehead.  I have purposely omitted it from the Buzzy List out of deference to my Mom who hated that nickname for him.  (She didn’t even care for the shortened version of  Bone.)  Our Uncle Cotton got his nick name after he told someone that his hair was white like cotton.  Steve also brought his nick name upon himself when he made a comment that his head was hard like a bone. 

Music-wise I had a nice dream about someone last night.  It led me to this DMB song with the nice line in the second refrain “You’re like my best friend after a good good drunk.”  I know exactly what he’s talking about there.

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