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Thought I better pick today to talk some baseball since neither the Orioles nor the Nationals lost yesterday.  I haven’t been able to say that in awhile.  (Please note however, that the only reason I can say that neither of them lost is because they were both rained out yesterday and didn’t play.)

That’s about how bad it’s been for the home teams two months into the season as both of them are below .500 and are last in their respective divisions.  Chubby Checker comes to mind as in “How low can you go?”

The O’s in particular are really stinking things up as they are currently the worst team in baseball having recently lost 3 in a row in their battle with the Twins to not be the worst team.  The O’s are on a ten game losing streak (including the game that the boys and I went to last week.)

From R-L – Shea, Brady, Shawn and Some Dude With a Kotex Around His Neck

Here’s a little stat that may or may not tell you anything but does seem to sum up some of our home team blues – not scoring enough runs.  To date the Nationals have scored a total of 182 runs and currently rank 27th out of 30 teams in runs scored.  I know you’re anticipating my next stat to be that the Orioles are one of the 3 teams ranked below the Nats, but believe it or not, the O’s rank 24th with 194 runs scored.  / 2021 MLB Team Batting Stats | ESPN

The reason why I say that this stat may not tell you anything is that the Mets, at 148 runs, currently rank as the worst team in MLB in runs scored.  However, they still remain 4 games ahead of the Nationals and are a top of the NL East as the only division team playing above .500 ball (click here.)  So go figure how that can be.  (Shows just how lousy the NL East is this year and why the Nationals will still be a factor once their bats do come around.) 

As for the Orioles’ divisional opponents, the Red Sox (#1 overall in runs scored with 264,) the Rays (259) and the Jays (252) are all in the top 5 ranking of runs scored.  The supposedly badass Yankees are ranked only 22nd with  198 runs scored just a few spots ahead of the Orioles.  Again, not sure what to make of that. 

No music video today, but how about a crazy baseball video for you instead?  It looks like something you’d see in a Little League game but actually went down in yesterday’s Cubs-Pirates game.


O’s will play at 5 today and we’ll have the game on at Buzzy’s Country Store for you to watch John Means go for his 5th win and break the O’s losing streak.  Nationals will have their Jon, as in Lester, ready to go providing Mother Nature is cooperative in the DC area this evening.  
P.S. Even with both our home teams struggling as they are, it still feels good to be talking and thinking about baseball doesn’t it!

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