Sunday Spiritual

In Buzzy’s Country Store the other day I heard this tune played on the radio and turned it up some to hear it better.  Thinking it was Taylor Dayne, I was then surprised when I heard that it was sung by Kathy Troccolli click here.

Kathy started out as a Christian singer, crossed over in the 90’s and today heads up her faith-based Go Light Your World Foundation (click here.)   

Then there’s this tune that she did with the Beach Boys.  Since it’s Sunday, it should be noted that music really is better than religion when it comes to taking you on a spiritual trip isn’t it? 

In spite of my attempts to conjure up a win for our home teams, both the O’s and Nats lost yesterday. The O’s lost twice as they played a double header. Undaunted, I’m guaranteeing that one of them will win today. (Scherzer is pitching for Washington, so that’s where you may want to place your smart bet money.)

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