A Picture is Worth….At Least A Couple of Words

 OK, try this.

There is also this going down in Ridge today:

Close to 3,000 songs contain the word rumble, but only one instrumental has it as the title.  Because of that, it remains the only instrumental ever banned from being played on the radio (click here.)  Maybe it’s not only rock and roll.

OK, so I am on a serious losing streak in predicting Orioles’ and/or Nationals’ victories because both of them lost again yesterday.  This despite my guarantee that one of them would win. 

Today then, let’s try the old gambler’s trick of buying one of them a win by placing bets that they both lose again (click here.)  The Nationals, who always struggle against the Braves, play them in Atlanta.  The O’s, who struggle against everybody, play Minnesota at 1 p.m. and go for their 14th straight loss.  Note that Twins’ starting pitcher Jose Berrios is 6-0 career wise against the O’s.  I’m betting that both our boys lose again.  (Let’s see if this reverse psychology or “buying a win” strategy really works.)

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